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The one thing that i learned from outside of school is how to use my money probably. My mom was the one that taught how to use my money probably, this happen in 2010 , when i first have my own credit card. i take it strait to the store then buy a lot of clothes and shoes, and also bought a ps3 game on ebay. and then when I’m about to buy a shirt , then my dad lock my card, because i spend to much, when i got home, i thought my mom was gonna shout at me but she just told me to sit down. And then she speak nicely to me that ” you know you should not spend this much money, do you know that you spend half of the credit card in 2 hour? And then she said if you keep spending this much money, when you grown up, how you gonna save your money, okay,   think of  , what if you need to buy a car , when you are an adult, and you keep spending almost all entire of your credit card, how could you live or eat if you spend everything that you have in your card, we make a credit card for you because we thought you were responsible enough to have  your own credit card.So me and dad will give you one more chances, so if you waste all your money again , then I will take your credit card back, okay?” so then i said ” Okay, thank you mom” .  From that day until now i always save my money, never use them to buy stuff that i don’t need, so now i have save a tuns of money. That’s how i learn how to use money probably.

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Spring Break…..


Over the break i have so much fun in Singapore , me and my family was staying in the 5 star hotel Mandarin Ochard. Everyday we going shopping and then after 3 day of shopping we finally go to Universal Studio, we play a lot of game like transformer the ride , and i also play the jungle adventure it was really creepy like the bugs and snake and ….. and then we finally end up with eating Carl’s Jr.

and then we go to a car and motor show me and my dad saw a lot of sport  car like Ferrari , Lamborghini, Pagani Zonda and also Ducati.

At the end of the day we go to Vivo city, the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. it was giant it take us a few hour  to go around it . i bought a lot of stuff like shirt, jean , shoes, belt and a lot of games like uncharted 3, call of duty black ops, call of duty MW3

i really enjoy my vacation…


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Saigon tourist attraction


Saigon have a lot of attraction place like ben thanh market, ben thanh market is the the biggest market or you can call it a trade center in Vietnam but that is not the only famous place in Vietnam there is also a lot  of more place like Notre dame in the center of Saigon, for sure everyone know that Vietnam didn’t build this, they got this idea from the original Notre dame  in Paris. Then they build it. So almost all the visitor always visit this cathedral.Also this building that is build since the french invaded Vietnam  call the Saigon opera house, which is all the best singer and artist always perform in this building so if visit Saigon, i’ am telling you that you should visit this opera house,  is great.

There is also the war remnants museum which is attract a lot of tourist that like to know about what happen in the war of Vietnam and french. The last but not least Saigon water park which is a really famous place with all kind of water play like water slide, water jump, pool and more. If i was you, i would travel to Saigon in summer and go to this water park and have fun.

So if you travel to Saigon, those are the place that you can’t miss.

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I think avatar is awesome because we can add many cool picture in the internet or picture of your self which is really cool i love avatar they can help you express your self easier.You can also create your own avatar in those website that is on student challenge blogging.

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I think widget is cool because you can add a lot of cool thing into your blog like avatar of you then add it to the page so people can see what your avatar look like, how you create them.also you can also add like category,page, also your friend in your class you can add them into your widget so you can remember their blog and visit them easier.

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Blogs that i like


Today i been checking a lot of blog but three of my favorite blog that i love it so much is :

1st : i like  Yen Khe  blog is great because she have a lot of really good post and really cool theme i like her them so much so colorful.

2nd : – i like Nicholas blog because he’s a great writer a lot of cool post and also he know a lot of cool game.

3rd : – i like Tommy blog because he’s blog is cool, he have a lot of cool animation.

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Hey everybody Iam Lamb iam grade 7. i am a quater back for my football team back in America. And now i am focusing on baseball, i am the main pitcher of the team. Right now i am learning in the school call TAS in Viet Nam. i am also a Gamer i played a lot of game in xbox 360 and play station 3. All the  games that i played most is call of duty blacks ops, uncharted 3,call of duty modern warfare 3,battle field 3,crisis 2.

i also played ping pong. i love dog they are my favorite animal i have a husky with 2 different eyes  color and a samoyed puppies.

i really love my dog.i trained them how to do move like seat,handshake,get out,don’t eat the food,also crawl.

and that is all about me………..

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Digital citizenship


Digital citizenship is about the way you respect the other people in the community, not only in the country that you live but also the planet of earth community.There is nine element of digital citizenship.The first elements is digital access.Digital access is like letting all the other people use technology like computer,phone…. no matter where they are,what organism are they or whatever they all need to be treated fair.The second  elements is Digital commerce. Digital commerce is the people that selling there stuff like in ebay,amazon…they must be like no stealing other people money from there bank account then don’t send the stuff for them,and that’s why they need to be treated right.The third element is digital communication and one of the most important element.the digital communication is is how you comment other people,some people comment the people that they don’t know by foul language.That’s why so many people has been taught to commenting the appropriate way.

i thing digital citizenship is important because there is so many people is like cyber bullying and using bad word so we need to fix this big problem…


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wrestle mania class of 2012


the people that is in the wrestle mania class of 2012 is EDGE,MIKE TYSON,AND THE 4 HORSE MAN.

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